Facilities and entertainments
  • Sauna

  • Boat

  • Fishing

  • Summerhouse with fire place
  • Terrace on lake

  • Rent of sport inventor

  • Rent of fishing equipments

  • Fireplace

    Prices of homestead rent: On work days 58/day;
                                          On weekends concerted price.

    Prices are included all services.


      Houst of homestead: Ricardas Zagorskis
      E-mail: info@turizmosodyba.lt
      Tel.: 8-698-84570
      Adress: Vilnoku village, district of Rimses, Ignalina region, Lithuania


    How To Find
      Homestead of is located in a picturesque place by the Zilmo lake, Ignalina region, district of Rimses, Vilnoku village.